Bog shoe hike in Cenas Tīrelis

Route lenght:~4 km
Trip duration:3 hours
Route covarage:natural bog (85%), forest trails (15%)
Route passing:through protected areas


Cenas tīrelis is a Natura 2000 protected site and one of Latvia's 261 nature reserves, which nowadays has a total size of 2133 hectares.

The route allows to get acquainted with the unchanged landscapes and peat extraction fields of the Cenas tīrelis, the exploitation of peat and the development of extraction methods. The main sightseeing areas are: bog lakes, puddles and peaty pools, peat fields, war roads, Skaistas Lake and the observation tower. You can hear the birds in the distance and look carefully at the insectivorous plant - sundew (Drosera rotundifolia).

As boardwalks cover only small part of Cenas Tīrelis landscape, special bog shoes are perfect for discovering the picturesque beauty of the bog!